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          Please select the cooking oil

          Over the years, the company has always taken the "good faith win-win" business philosophy and "service society" business purposes, and opened up a broad market. Now with more than 300 wholesalers, more than 20 large and medium-sized supermarkets have established a good cooperative relationship, direct supply of more than 400 grain stores, grocery store and sales terminal, responsible for Handan county and the surrounding area of more than a dozen grain and oil supply. In 2006 the company's production of "man Jiang red" brand of edible oil was named "China famous brand consumer satisfaction"

            Scanning focuses on our WeChat platformScanning focuses on our WeChat platform
            Hebei Ding Kang Cereals & oils Co., Ltd.

            Address: No. 309, No. 398 National Road, 

                            Handan County, Hebei Province

            Telephone: +86-310-8180968
            Fax: +86-310-8180968
            Mobile: +86-18931080060
            Zip code: 056000
            Contact: Li Zong
            Mailbox: min@hbdkly.com

            URL: http://www.kappaskippa.com

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